MTSRF Publications

Revegetation Monitoring Toolkit

John Kanowski1, Carla P. Catterall1, Kylie Freebody1,2, Amanda N. D. Freeman1 and
Debra A. Harrison1,3

1 School of Environment, Griffith University
2 Tablelands Community Revegetation Unit
3 Terrain NRM Ltd

ISBN 978-1-921359-51-4
Published July 2010

Associated with MTSRF Project 4.9.5 - Restoring tropical forest landscapes


Purpose of the Toolkit

This toolkit has been written to assist community groups and restoration practitioners record details of their revegetation projects, assess their condition and monitor their outcomes for biodiversity and carbon sequestration. Additionally, the methods presented here can also be applied to other situations where there is a need to monitor and evaluate change in forest ecosystems, including assessment of the extent of degradation or recovery within remnant forest.


Structure of the Toolkit Version 3

Version 3 of the monitoring toolkit was written as a series of modules, each dealing with a specific aspect of monitoring, as follows:

  • The design of monitoring programs
  • Recording project details
  • Assessing the condition of projects
  • Monitoring forest structure
  • Monitoring plant species composition
  • Estimating carbon sequestration
  • Monitoring bird species composition
  • Managing, analysing and evaluating data


Supporting Materials

Several Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have been developed to accompany this version of the monitoring toolkit to help store, analyse and summarise the data collected from monitoring of revegetated sites and to provide scientific input. Each includes a page of explanatory notes (the first spreadsheet within each file). Additionally with this version we have provided supporting materials such as data proformas as separate files for download.


The following supporting materials are available for download for use in conjunction with the Toolkit Version 3:

Data analysis Excel workbooks


Data collection proformas and related materials


For further information about the Toolkit, contact either:

John Kanowski,, or

Carla Catterall,