CRC Torres Strait

Final Report

The Cooperative Research Centre for the Torres Strait


In 2003, CRC Reef received support from the Commonwealth Government ($3 million over three years) to establish a new research, education and extension program in Torres Strait. The program brought together the main resource management agencies, research institutions and stakeholders in Torres Strait as well as the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA), representing the Torres Strait community.

The participants brought substantial resources (more than $13 million over three years) to the Program as well as scientific and management expertise and combined their efforts into a single, integrated, multi-disciplinary research, education and communication program directed towards the identified needs of stakeholders and end-users.

The program offered a unique opportunity that brought efficiencies and synergies to the research effort to improve the delivery of information needed for sustainable development of Torres Strait, peoples and to add considerably to the value of research and extension efforts. The result was an integrated, multi-disciplinary applied program of research far beyond that which could be done previously or by any of the participants who acted independently.

Research was directed in three key areas: Harvested Marine Resources, Biophysical Processes, and Marine Systems Management Evaluations and Risks. These areas responded to stakeholder and end-user priorities. Education and training offered postgraduate scholarships as well as secondary or undergraduate and community level training for Torres Strait peoples. Training for researchers, stakeholders and community focused on improving the understanding and uptake of research results. Research was conducted using culturally sensitive research protocols and procedures.

Research publications and the final report that was produced to accompany the program can be found here.

Final Report - Guidelines for ethical and effective communication for researchers working in Torres Strait