RRRC and the Wet Tropics Rainforest

RRRC has responsibility for managing leading research into the status and trends of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable management of natural and cultural resources for community well-being and climate change predictions on wet tropics rainforest. The rainforest ecosystems are at risk from natural disasters, human impacts, weed and feral animal invasion and future climate change. Through the use of western science in collaboration with traditional knowledge the risk to threatened forest habitats and species can be reduced. RRRC has developed a range of processes, tools and initiatives to support scientific institutions in priorities. RRRC is well positioned to support decision makers in the protection, conservation and preservation of wet tropics rainforest for future generations.


RRRC manages projects in Queensland’s Wet Tropics rainforests that seek to advance understanding of:

  • Status and trends of key vertebrate species including the southern cassowary and spectacled flying fox
  • Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation of rainforest ecosystems and species to climate change
  • Present and future biodiversity patterns and drivers of rainforest health
  • Biodiversity refugia through assessing genetic diversity at landscape scale of rainforest plants and fungi
  • Endangered frog species and their ability to recolonise and survive with chytrid fungus in ecotonal areas and adjacent rainforest sites
  • Fire and habitat management for vegetation succession after cyclone impacts, control of rainforest margins and areas where fire management will be most important
  • Invasive species risks and responses for prioritising management activities at a regional scale
  • The exposure and sensitivity of biota to extreme climatic events
  • Collaborative governance, planning and co-management of protected areas with indigenous peoples
  • Cost-effective rainforest restoration through natural regeneration versus reforestation methods
  • Importance of key attributes of the rainforest to community and tourism
  • Climate change adaptation and landscape resilience in regional Natural Resource Management planning