Project Management

The New Wave in Research Management

The RRRC manages and delivers one of the world's most comprehensive tropical environmental research portfolios. It is a not-for-profit consortium of researchers, industry and community organisations with a strong emphasis on partnerships, outcomes and delivery.

What sets the RRRC apart is a unique focus on engagement with key sectors to deliver solutions based on good science that address key tropical environmental management issues.

RRRC leads the way as a knowledge broker, ensuring the effective delivery of research results and tools to end users. The aim is for end users to be aware of new research, to understand the implications, and then apply the new knowledge towards increasingly sustainable outcomes. This results in the maximum possible return on investment in public-good research, and the best possible benefit for the North Queensland region.


RRRC’s extensive partnership network means access to expertise in a wide range of areas including:

  • Marine and terrestrial biodiversity
  • Coastal fisheries
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Social mapping
  • Base line study
  • Fire regimes in rainforests
  • Pesticides
  • Impacts of coastal eco systems
  • Logistics and communications support
  • Indigenous partnerships


Core Business

RRRC provides a comprehensive suite of services to help gover nments, communities, and industries improve their environmental management and grow their economy. Our Knowledge Systems and Project Management Team have developed comprehensive and complimentary services in program development, knowledge brokering, community engagement, communication and publishing, social mapping, program monitoring and evaluation to underpin the implementation of complex integrated natural resource management. High quality program management is supportedby effective financial management and independent acquittals.

RRRC’s skill in effectively managing scientific programs leads to improved project performance.

RRRC also provides professional training programs to assist communities build the capacity to develop and improve.


RRRC oversees projects in the areas of:

Great Barrier Reef

Water Quality

Wet Tropics Rainforest

Papua New Guinea

Torres Strait