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PNG South Fly Resilience Project


A partnership between the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), AbT Associates, the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) and INLOC International


The aim of the South Fly Resilience Plan (SFRP) is to assist the communities of the South Fly District in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea to transition out of food insecurity and develop resilient, sustainable livelihoods and inclusive governance. RRRC, with our partner INLOC, have a long history of work in the South Fly and a reputation among the local community as being there for them in times of need. The South Fly District is extremely susceptible to flooding, drought and climate impacts, including the regular threat of king tides. The long-term and ongoing training programs undertaken by the project through the rangers have resulted in significant improvements in food and water security, womens’ leadership and community governance.

The flagship of the project is the 110 local community rangers who form the backbone of on-ground implementation. The rangers have received training in community health, marine safety, plumbing and sanitation, radio communications, first responder first aid, nutrition, disaster recovery, food security (crop and fishery development), preservation techniques (air dryers and smokers), timber milling, welding, smelting, advanced carpentry, charcoal production, moulded concrete tank construction, small engine maintenance, safe boating, search and rescue techniques, typing, computer literacy, basic business and numeracy and leadership skills. One-third of the rangers are female and have been integral in the delivery of women's health education, reproductive health services and Magic Bag (reusable cloth sanitary packs) micro-businesses.

In addition to this ongoing skills-based training, in 2022 we are leading in the development of the South Fly food security plan in close consultation with PNG partners, agricultural experts and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby. The rangers collect data monthly on the food and water security situation from the villages in South Fly to inform planning towards a more food and water-secure future.








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