RRRC in Western Province PNG

RRRC’s expertise in the management of remote programs is supporting a four stage project to enhance the coastal communities’ economic and nutritional sustainability. The first two stages have been successfully completed.

RRRC is focused on delivering practical on-ground action focused on sustainable use of natural resources to enhance livelihoods, food security and overall community well-being. Community-based marine resource management is delivered by a Community Ranger program to ensure food supply sustainability and support for employment opportunity development.

Neighbouring communities in PNG South Fly district face wide ranging challenges including vulnerability to climate change; environmental impacts from mining; reduced access to traditional marine food sources and limited economic opportunities. In addition, the remote location presents problems for logistics, communications, security and delivery of general services. Coupled with cross border issues such as health, illegal fisheries and quarantine.

RRRC and the South Fly Treaty Village Association have established a partnership arrangement for RRRC to provide initial management advice, operational support, financial and project management, and governance and procurement training. RRRC’s Services will ensure sustainable use management plans for community well-being incorporating traditional laws and practices.

RRRC’s programme management will assist the Western Coastal Communities attain food security for future generations, improve opportunities for economic development, and strengthen coastal community capabilities and capacity to respond and adapt to a changing climate and extreme weather events.