Community Engagement

RRRC specializes in working closely and collaboratively at the grass roots level with communities to achieve aspirations for community well-being and prosperity.

RRRC works collaboratively with business operators and organizations within the Tourism Industry throughout northern Queensland. RRRC solicits information from tour operators to help direct researchers. It engages with the industry to ensure accurate and timely transference of knowledge to improve sustainable tourism. RRRC is instrumental in transcribing research outcomes into plain English so that content is accessible to tourism operators.

RRRC engages in close consultation with the agricultural community, ensuring that research undertaken for the Agricultural Industry is relevant to their requirements and issues facing the community. It works closely with the industry to maintain their involvement.

RRRC is focused on delivering practical on-ground action focused on sustainable outcomes for remote communities in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. Traditional food sources in these regions are under threat as a result of both climate change, pollution and illegal poaching. RRRC’s commitment to these communities highlights their awareness of the need to change the way we must look at protecting vulnerable populations. RRRC is a well reputed, professional organisation with a proven track record in managing projects in remote locations. Bringing key players together including the PNG Government, Community Associations and Industry demonstrates RRRC’s expertise in achieving successful collaboration with players with diverse interests.

Through its comprehensive approach of consultation and information gathering, RRRC is able to provide factual evidence of impacts being faced by these communities. RRRC supports capacity building and implementation projects to strengthen the sustainable use of natural resources, and to ensure that community well-being is appropriately considered in decisions made by other sectors.