About Us

RRRC: Delivering science solutions for the tropics

The Reef & Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) is a not-for-profit consortium of research providers, industry and community organisations that cooperate via a strong and effective engagement framework.

The Centre has evolved an innovative approach to improving the sustainability of management and use of tropical environmental assets.

What sets the RRRC apart is a unique focus on engagement with key sectors to deliver solutions based on good science that address key tropical environmental management issues.

Another important feature is the RRRC's role as a knowledge broker, ensuring the effective delivery of research results and tools to end users. The aim is for end users to be aware of new research, to understand the implications, and then apply the new knowledge towards increasingly sustainable outcomes. This results in the maximum possible return on investment in public-good research, and the best possible benefit for the North Queensland region.


The RRRC specializes in the areas of:


Project Management

Community Engagement

Science & Knowledge