Reef Rescue R&D

Final Report

Reef Rescue Research & Development Water Quality Program


RRRC managed the Reef Rescue Research and Development Water Quality Program (Reef Rescue R&D) through the provision of linkages to a wide range of activities targeted at improving the water quality across the Great Barrier Reef. RRRC offered a cohesive arrangement for the numerous scientific bodies undertaking research resulting in a reduction of duplication.

Traditional farming and agricultural practices in Far North Queensland means Australia faces a challenge in ensuring water quality is not compromised from the effects of pesticides and fertilizers. RRRC management support to the Reef Rescue R&D in their development, trialing and validation of land management practices improved water quality outcomes. These improvements directly impact on both the Farming and Tourism industries in the Far North Queensland region.

RRRC, Reef Rescue R&D and industry partnered together to help improve farming practices. RRRC’s services supported the Reef Rescue R&D program delivery of relevant, practical and enhanced farming practices on track and cost effectively. RRRC’s expertise in the interpretation and distribution of meaningful information to extension officers and industry ensured that relevant information reached those who could make a difference.

RRRC’s program management helped to strengthen industry engagement and complemented the capabilities of the Reef Rescue R&D. RRRC processed help support extending scientific reach to industry resulting in substantially improved land management practices and water quality.

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Final Report