Catchment to Reef Publications

Catchment to Reef: New tools for mitigation and monitoring of water quality and ecosystem health

Compiled by Richard Pearson and Garry Werren, James Cook University. Report on Catchment to Reef Workshop: Aims, Links, Liaisons and Outcomes (2003).


Catchment to Reef Research Brochure

Full-colour brochure produced at the beginning of the Catchment to Reef Joint Research Program by the Rainforest CRC (2006).


Catchment to Reef: What we do in our catchment affects the reef

Interpretive poster that illustrates the connections between the land and sea (2006).


Are you connected? A guide to the processes linking Land, Sea and Reef

Eight-page full colour brochure compiled by Niall Connolly, Russell Kelley, Richard Pearson and Tim Prior for the Catchment to Reef Joint Research Program (2006).


Nutrients, catchments and reefs: A guide to nutrients in the tropical landscape

Sixteen-page full colour booklet compiled by Russell Kelley, Bryony Barnett, Zoe Bainbridge, Jon Brodie and Richard Pearson for the Catchment to Reef Joint Research Program (2006).


Biological Indicators of Ecosystem Health in Wet Tropics Streams

Edited by Angela Arthington and Richard Pearson. Final Report for Task 3, Catchment to Reef Joint Research Program. A contribution to the MTSRF Water Quality Project 3.7.3 'Freshwater indicators and thresholds of concern' (2007).


CRC Transition Report – Candidate Bioindicator Measures to Monitor Exposure to Changing Water Quality on the Great Barrier Reef

256 page report by Katharina Fabricius, Sven Uthicke, Tim Cooper, Craig Humphrey, Glenn De’ath and Jane Mellors (2007).