MTSRF Publications

MTSRF Transition Program Outputs
Access and download outputs from the 2010-2011 MTSRF Transition Program (post-MTSRF transitional projects), aimed at delivering new and additional synthesis products based on the contemporary information needs of the primary end users of the MTSRF through the synthesis and analysis of pre-existing MTSRF outputs.


MTSRF Annual Research Plans (ARPs)
ARPs outline the specific tasks, products, budgets and staff resources for each research project within each of the research Themes of the MTSRF.

ARPs were developed by RRRC for each financial year of the MTSRF tenure (2006-2010).


Syntheses of MTSRF Research (2010 Synthesis Products)
A key deliverable of the MTSRF Research Programme is a suite of 'synthesis' products that have been developed to ensure MTSRF-generated information is presented to research users and key stakeholders clearly and concisely, and that the information is timely, useful and accessible.


MTSRF Final Project Reports (June 2010)
Final reports on MTSRF project activities over the life of the four-year MTSRF Research Programme (2006-2010). These reports are also listed under Unpublished Scientific and Technical Reports or MTSRF Project Milestone Reports.


MTSRF Research Report Series
This Series of published scientific and research outcomes is lodged with the relevant Australian and Queensland libraries, and is searchable via Cataloguing-in-Publication data.


MTSRF Unpublished Scientific and Technical Reports
Includes final and progress reports that outline project methodology and results.


MTSRF Project Milestone Reports
In accordance with the Annual Research Plans (ARPs), MTSRF project leaders submit project milestone/progress reports to report against set objectives.


MTSRF North Queensland Factsheets
Single-topic factsheets highlighting key outputs from MTSRF-funded research relevant to North Queensland, including the tourism industry.


MTSRF Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Since July 2006, MTSRF-funded researchers have authored or contributed to 100+ peer-reviewed scholarly or journal articles.


MTSRF Books and Book Chapters
Includes peer-reviewed books and book chapters stemming from MTSRF-funded research.


MTSRF Annual Reports
Reports prepared by the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre on activities conducted in throughout the MTSRF Research Program.


MTSRF Brochures & Booklets
Materials produced to introduce you to the MTSRF: its goals and research strategy, research themes and the impacts MTSRF-funded research is having on Australian environmental and management policy.