RRRC and Papua New Guinea

RRRC is delivering practical on-ground action focused on the sustainable use of natural resources to support community well being. This focus contributes to enhanced livelihoods, food security, overall community well-being and reduced disaster risk on the border between Australia and Western Province Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Community-based marine resource management will be delivered by RRRC through a Community Ranger program. This program focuses on increasing the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the coastal communities of PNG.

RRRC aims to assist PNG nationals, at a community level through a ranger program, on-ground techniques to deliver marine resource management. Rangers are also trained to carry out surveillance, monitoring, conservation and protection activities. Educating and training people in some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments in nature conservation work supports local economic development, environmental sustainability and social cohesion.

RRRC provides management advice, operational support, financial and project management, and governance and procurement training.


RRRC has the capacity to deliver:

  • Community Management Plans for the sustainable management and use of shared cultural and traditional food resources of the region, resulting in an increase in turtle, dugong and fish population in the region
  • Training of Community Rangers capable of implementing Marine Management Plans and disaster response activities
  • Disaster Response Plans
  • Youth Ranger Cadets program
  • Secure accommodation, office and communications facilities for the use of a range of community services


RRRC manages projects in PNG including:

  • Building the Sustainability of the Coastal Communities in the South Fly District, Western Province PNG
  • Scoping Study for Los Negros Island Local Level Government
  • Scoping community training in Bougainville